New Sanidrum 600

Sanikom inversion drum 600

What is new?

After 10 years of manufacturing low weight inversion drums and with more than 700 satisfied users we have changed a design of a low weight inversion drums to be even more attractive and user friendly. Bellow there are main points of new version:

1 Completly new wheel system, more durable rubbber wheels with a diameter of 30cm.

2 New leg system, rubberised legs connected to a square connection for better stability.

3 New aluminium frame, Sanidrum 600 is now part of the Sanidrum family so all inversion drums are having the same aluminum frame.

4 One of the biggest changes is that the new inversion drum is 15 cm higher than an old inversion drum 600.

5 No more trolley with handle but only HANDLE.

6 All new inversion drums are from now on equipped with a safety valve of 1,1Bar.



It remains the lightest!

The first inversion drum ever made of composite material. Enables low weight, enough temperature resistance to even use steam as heating media. Does not corrode and it is easy for maintenance.

Professional performance!

With all the changes done on all Sanidrum family, we have improved stability of inversion drum, durability and on the top of all, we have designed the body in the way that can resist even more pressure to install inversion liners.

Techical details

Dimensions, weight and liner capacity




Total weight of inversion drum 600 drum


Liner capacity

Liner DN max length (m)
DN100 40
DN125 30
DN150 26
DN200 18
DN250 12


All Sanikom materials approved and in confirmance with all EU and Worldwide standards.