Portable impregantion table

Sanikom portable electrical table

It is completly portable!

A precisely made wet out electrical driven table that can be due it’s light weight carried and placed any place. Rubberized rollers with built in motors enables perfect wet out abilities with no sliding or folding. All safety precautions but in for safe work. .

1 70mm rubberized rollers with built in motor for synchrony move.

2 Portable to be easily installed or used anywhere.

3 Accurate roller gap measure gauge.

4 Locking position of the roller gap installed.

5 Accurate roller gap.



Easy to handle!

Due to the low weight and dimensions Sanikom portable electrical impregnation table is easy to handle and must have for all contractors using our inversion liners.


Made for your needs!

Size and accessories can be made according to the customer needs.

Techical details

Dimensions and weight

Sanitable 300

Total weight of 300 table


All Sanikom materials approved and in confirmance with all EU and Worldwide standards.