Inflatable packers REINVENTED!

With more than 25 years of the experiences in the area of working with inflatable products used in trenchless pipe repair sector, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the present systems and technologies, we have REDESIGNED inflatable packers that are used in domestic and in house pipe systems. The REDESIGN, SEEN FOR THE FIRST TIME ON THE MARKET, involves details important for those who operate with packers to simplify their efforts.

1 Up to 30% less in weight than the existing packer systems on the market .

2 Up to 25% less in length than the existing packer system on the market.

3 Up to 30% more flexibility than the existing packer systems on the market.

4 Unique wheel assembly adjustment with no unscrewing.

5 Modular system replacing present different packer types like flex and long.

One clickkkk and set!

No more complicated adjustment of the wheel system for each diameter of the pipe, just click and done. With Sanikom flexible packer it is easy just click on the wheel system turn it to right diameter and you are ready.

Pro performance!

Inflatable packer design enables adding bypass flexible hose through without even disassembling the entire inflatable packer. The repair of potentially damaged bypass hose is also possible at the work side. Diameter of the bypass varies with the packer size. On the smaller dimensions 1" and on the bigger 2". 

Techical details

Sizes available

Any other length may be available on customers request.

Sanikom Flex Packers
Usage size (mm) Rubber length (mm/cm) Full length (mm/cm) Inflation (bar)
150/250 1000/100 1140/114 2,0
150/250 1500/150 1640/164 2,0
150/250 2000/200 2140/214 2,0
200/300 1000/100 1140/114 1,5
200/300 1500/150 1640/164 1,5
200/300 2000/200 2140/214 1,5
300/400 1000/100 1140/114 1,5
300/400 1500/150 1640/164 1,5
300/400 2000/200 2140/214 1,5

ProFlex FL packers

Sanikom inflatable packers

First touch!

First touch of the unique design of SANIKOM FL PACKER.


All Sanikom materials approved and in confirmance with all EU and Worldwide standards.