Easy to use software

Software is designed the easiest way for the operator to work with. No more large information to put in manualy. We have made all oiperators friendly as far as possible.

Testing options

EN standard procedure
EN1610 LA (air)
EN1610 LB (air)
EN1610 LC (air)
EN1610 LD (air)
EN1610 Water (pipe)
EN1610 Water (Manhole)
EN805 Water


Testing procedure.

Sanitester is a simple device with no batteries required, no more stress at the construction site just use your own laptop or windows tablet and you are ready.


Techical details

Sanitester is an instrument for tes0ng the water or air resistance of pipes and sha7s. It is based on measuring the air pressure in the pipe and measuring the pressure in the water. The instrument supports the standards of measuring resistance of the buildings: EN 1610, EN 805 and EN 1508. EN 1610 defines standards associated with resistance of the sep0c water system. The EN 805 standard defines the procedures for the resistance of the system for the supply of the drinking water, and the EN 1508 standard, which defines the procedures for the resistance of the water in the tank.


Product instruction manuals

Please download instruction manuals to use demo software available here. 



All Sanikom materials approved and in confirmance with all EU and Worldwide standards.