Inflatable packers

Suitable for the sectional repair with a combination of the silicate 3P resin and CRF+ fiberglass. The end result gives an excellent mechanical, chemical and temperature resistance patch long up to 8m.
Sanikom Inflatable packers
Name Flexibile packers Long packers Lateral packers T90 packers
Description These kinds of packers are being used for partial repairs of damaged pipe- lines as well as for repairs of couplings in combina- tion with artificial resins and strengthening mate- rials ensuring repeated tightness and suitable static tightness. Represent the most cost- effective implementa- tion of packers. They are equipped with a fast cou- pling for filling and emp- tying and with two lifting eye bolts, which are in- stalled for attaching the rope in the process of in- serting, transporting and pulling out. Are used for repairing of pipes with smaller diam- eter, mostly of household installations. Packers are rounded on both sides so that the slip across the turns and the bends or the shift is much simpler. Packers intended for repair works under 45, 60 and 90 degree angles. They are made of spe- cial materials, which also enable 90 degree adjust- ment.
Nominal size O mm from 100 to 1200 from 200 to 800 from 35 to 400 from 70 to 205
Length (m) from 1 to 5 from 1 to 5 from 1 to 5 1


All Sanikom materials approved and in confirmance with all EU and Worldwide standards.