ML packers

Main to lateral packers, new design! Now with a new flange design, which is even easier to operate. The wheels can be readjusted with just a click! 


The new design of the front end! With or without the by-pass! 


Front flange

very good
Robot operation
very easy

Operate it with the robot

ML packer can either be manually operated and rotated or operated by robot. The prepared extension L shaped hand enables to do the necessary rearrangements to be suitable for different robot systems.


Sanikom T-packers
Size (mm) Rubber length (mm) Min. dieameter (mm) Max. diameter (mm) Inflation (bar)
100/125 700 100 125 2,5
150 800 150 150 2,5
200 1000 200 200 2
250/300 1000 250 300 2
300/400 1000 300 400 1,5

Bypass packer "Do it by yourself"

Packer design enables adding by pass flexible hose through without even disassembling the entire packers. The repair of potentially damaged by-pass hose is also possible at the work side.







All Sanikom materials approved and in confirmance with all EU and Worldwide standards.